Minister Louis Farrakhan Discusses “Satanic” Record Executives (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Minister Louis Farrakhan recently sat down with Sway Calloway for an extensive interview. Part of the discussion focused on the record business. The 82-year-old leader of the Nation of Islam connected the for-profit prison system with the heads of the major companies that release a lot of the popular music.

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“These private owners of jails met with the record executives. These are real satanic people,” said Min. Farrakhan. “You can’t go to them with a decent, intelligent rap. They’ll tell you quick, ‘That won’t sell.'”

Farrakhan went on to add how the radio plays a part in the friction between rappers. He mentioned Chicago performers’ “beefs” promoted in the media extending to the streets. The minister also offered opinions on how the actions of corporations attempting to encourage negative imagery can be resisted.

“Some things you have to destroy. And then some might see in order to escape being destroyed [you have to] change,” stated Farrakhan. “We take the business over. We become the distributors. It ain’t nothing to make a record today. You can make it in your house. But who will distribute your record? They own the distribution.”

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Watch part 3 of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s interview below.