Missy Elliott Did The Sweetest Thing For Her Assistant

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott surprised her assistant with an amazing gift!

Rapper Missy Elliott made her assistant’s day by surprising her with a special memento of her late mother.

The “Work It” rapper shared a video on Twitter of the woman opening up a package, which she expected to be a box of record plaques.

But when she spotted the painting of her mom with her son, Missy’s employee was lost for words.

The star wrote alongside the sweet clip: “Long story short she lost her mom a few years ago & her son had no pictures with his grandma at this age so I gave her this oil painting simply because She’s AMAZING.”

In the video, Elliott’s assistant takes off her face mask and says quietly, “That’s my mama,” before marvelling at each detail of the artwork, from her mother’s hair and glasses to the Nike T-shirt Missy herself had bought for her son.

“Thank you. Awww, this is so thoughtful and sweet,” the overwhelmed female adds, before kissing the portrait.