Missy Elliott Eyes Up Epic R&B Collab With Summer Walker And Ari Lennox 

Missy Elliott Summer Walker Ari Lennox

Missy Elliott also revealed she previously recorded a song with Ari Lennox and hinted at filming a music video for the unreleased track.

While Missy Elliott is experimenting with Latin and Brazilian underground funk influences on her long-awaited upcoming album, a return to R&B could be on the cards with two of the genre’s hottest modern-day talents. 

The Portsmouth, Virginia-born music legend responded to a fan’s request for Missy Elliott to “work some beautiful R&B magic,” on a collab with Summer Walker and Ari Lennox. While the fan believed the tweet was just “wishful thinking,” two of her dream trio are keen to make it happen.   

“Same here☺️🙌🏾,” Missy Elliott replied before Ari Lennox added, “Missy let’s do it ❤️❤️❤️❤️.” 

Furthermore, the four-time Grammy Award winner teased an unreleased track with the “Shea Butter” creator, which could soon get the video treatment.  

“You already knoooooow😉,” Missy replied to Ari. “Let me get these dancers together so I can drop that one we did.😜💃🏾” Check out their tweets below. 

Missy Elliott Linked With Ari Lennox in 2021

The newly inducted Rock & Roll Hall of Famer revealed she was eager to work with Ari Lennox after spending some time in the studio with her in February 2021. She let slip in a tweet Ari “played me some heat at the stu oh yea.” According to Missy Eliott, Ari Lennox was “ Snappin on them new joints!” and was eager to work her magic with the singer. “Now let’s see what we Cook up🍽🤯🔥” she added.  

Meanwhile, Ari Lennox revealed Missy Elliott is one of her musical inspirations and influenced her 2022 album, age/sex/location. 

“It’s definitely a lot of just Missy vibes and Teedra Moses,” Ari told Zane Lowe last year. “I just love Soul and R&B so much, I literally listen to it so much,” Lennox told Lowe. “It’s everything to me so it’s going to always ooze out naturally with my melodies, with my writing style. It’s just always going to come out. All of these legendary people they’re always going to come out.”