Missy Elliott Reveals She Has Lost Music From Prince


(AllHipHop News) In a recent interview with The Strombo Show, Missy took a long stroll down memory lane as she reminisced on everything from the success of her smash singles to her performance at the 2015 Super Bowl.

One particular segment of the show that stood out came when Missy spoke on the first time she met Pop icon Prince.

Missy recounted a story of a time she needed to reach out to Prince for permission to use a look-alike in her show. She ended up meeting the singer at a club in Los Angeles.

The initial meeting with Prince lead to a cozy relationship and the Purple one actually sent Missy some music in hopes of a collaboration, which she unfortunately lost.

“He had sent me some stuff, music of his and I moved and I could never find that music and yesterday I was sitting there saying, I have to go to my house, in my storage space and find this music,” Missy Elliot said during a sitdown on The Strombo Show.

Despite the mishap, Missy showered the deceased icon with praise, repeatedly referring to Prince as a genius, while placing emphasis on his impact on the music industry as a collective.

“When he entered the room, he was like a giant… I mean, I think everybody just pulled up and started looking to records and records and records and when you go, you always knew this was a genius, but when you really go and listen — you appreciate. And we really have to start appreciating these artists while they are still here and not just wait until these moments to recognize the genius and the greatness of what they’ve done for music.”

Prince’s death was due to an accidental overdose of powerful painkiller Fentanyl, according to the late music icon’s official autopsy report.

The report was released by officials at the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office hours after a law enforcement source told the Associated Press Prince died of an opioid overdose.

The official line suggests the music legend’s death was “accidental” and the Fentanyl in his system was “self-administered”.

Prince’s weight is listed at just 112 pounds in the report.

The toxicology results surrounding the singer’s death have not been released, and are not required to be under Minnesota law. As such, it is as yet unknown whether Fentanyl was the only drug in the singer’s system at the time of his death on April 21.