Missy Elliott Urges Fans To Embrace A “Fearless” Attitude All 2023 

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott shared a message of positivity with her fans to open the new year, encouraging them to become fearless to achieve their goals.

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Missy Elliott wants her fans to begin their year with the same energy she embodies, urging them to eliminate negative energy in 2023. 

The Hip-Hop icon took to Instagram on the first day of the year to celebrate with her followers, spreading a message of peace and love. Missy also encouraged everyone to maintain a “fearless” attitude and manifest their dreams.  

“I wanna say Happy New Year to everyone! Now listen, you gotta walk in to 2023 being fearless,” Missy Elliott began. “You gotta make sure that the friends that you around match your energy. You don’t need nobody lazy around you or with negative energy because you don’t want nothing to block your blessing.” 

She continued: “So make sure that you are full of peace and happiness and whatever you wanna do, you do it this year! Anything that you wanna become, you become it this year! Have drive, have consistency. And yeah, 2023 is yours! We gon’ already claim that.” 

Missy doubled down on the positivity in the caption, adding: “It’s gonna be a PRODUCTIVE & PROSPEROUS YEAR because you gonna step out on FAITH. Mentally you gonna be in a better space than before! JUST CLAIM IT 2023 is YOURS!” Check out her message in the clip below.  

Missy Elliott Shares Her Message of Fearlessness

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While Missy Elliott wants everybody to make their dreams come true this year, the legendary rapper experienced some amazing moments in 2022, celebrating her status as a Hip-Hop visionary.  

In January, Missy honored her “sisters in Hip-Hop” as she became the first female rapper to earn six consecutive RIAA platinum-certified albums. Her hometown of Portsmouth, Virginia, also paid tribute to the musical genius by naming a street after her in October.  

Weeks later, Missy Elliott unveiled her wax figure at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas before receiving her second honorary degree. Norfolk State University presented the star with the honor in November.