MoneySign $uede Issues Statement After Mass Shooting At Show Kills Three

MoneySign $uede

A mass shooting after a performance featuring rising rapper MoneySign $uede has claimed the lives of three people in Los Angeles. Read more.

Three people are dead after a mass shooting erupted at a party hosted by rapper MoneySign $uede.

According to reports, the rapper was hosting a party to kick off the summer at a warehouse.

Earlier in the day, fans lined up for a meet and greet with MoneySign $uede, who has over 141,000 followers on this verified Instagram and millions of video views on his YouTube account.

Things were fine during the day, but trouble erupted later in the evening At the party and the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles.

For unknown reasons, the gunman opened fire and blasted up the party.

Two people were shot inside the warehouse where the event was taking place, and another person was found mortally wounded on the sidewalk outside.

MoneySign $uede is an artist signed to Atlantic Records. The rapper is from the Huntington Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. He spent the first half of 2021 incarcerated for car theft as his viral song “Back To The Bag” viral, racking up millions of views.

MoneySign $uede, who had been focused on staying out of trouble and taking advantage of his burgeoning career, took to Instagram to address the shooting.

“Just wanna get on here real quick to send my condolences to what happened after this paid show yesterday,” MoneySign $uede said. “I pray for all the people who were injured and died last night. My condolences and heart goes out to all the families of this hurt. Didn’t want none of that to happened [sic]. I was getting home already when I got the call.. Sorry to everyone im good off shows for a minute … to those who still supporting me thru it all,I love you!”