Mo’Nique & D.L. Hughley Continue Calling Each Other Out Over Headline Dispute 

D.L. Hughley Mo'Nique

Mo’nique accused D.L. Hughley of exemplifying “the bias that black women have to deal with.” He replied, “Stop the cap.”

Mo’nique and D.L. Hughley have continued their contract disagreement online after a dispute over who was the headliner for a comedy show the weekend.  

AllHipHop reported the initial back and forth after Mo’Nique blasted the comedian onstage at The Comedy Explosion in Detroit, Michigan, on Saturday night (May 28). She claimed she was due to headline the event, although D.L. Hughley said he was always the headliner. 

Mo’Nique Says “Show Your Contract Or Be Quiet”

However, Mo’Nique claims he used ticket stubs as evidence he was the headliner because he doesn’t have a contract, “like I do.” 

“Either show your contract or be quiet,” she said on Instagram, sharing D.L. Hughley’s post, adding he is “the reason why I fight for my people like I do.” She also claimed him thinking he should close the show over her “is a prime example of the bias that black women have to deal with in this business.”  

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D.L. Hughley Posts His Deal Memo

In response, D.L. Hughley posted some receipts of his own, declaring, “After this… I don’t want hear no mo’ about this✌🏾here it is in black & white!!” he penned, posting his deal memo.  

He called attention to a few details of the agreement which support his claims. According to the comedian, the deal stipulates he is the “headliner,” and the “highest paid artist on show.” Additionally, the document grants him “approval of lineup” and lists him as the closing act.  

“Receipts > opinions,” he continued. “I got everything that was stated in my contract… everything. But let’s say I didn’t, my beef wouldn’t be with anyone but the promoter and/or my team and I damn sure wouldn’t make it personal. If you have a problem, take it up with management and by that I mean yours✌🏾” 

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Mo’Nique Asks Where’s The Signed Agreement?

Nonetheless, Mo’Nique fired back, calling him out for posting his “’Deal Memo,’ versus his ‘Performance Agreement,‘“ before posting her own. She also shared “emails and texts confirming that as per usual I’m going to always keep it real and honest with my people.” Mo’Nique then questioned the absence of signatures on his agreement, saying it is further proof it’s not a genuine agreement.  

Furthermore, she said she checked with management as he instructed her, “and this is what I came up with,” before accusing him of “trying to pass a deal memo off as a contract.”  

She continued, “the promoter already told my team before the show that you didn’t have a signed agreement.” she also challenged him to post his “signed agreement,” before listing the evidence to support her claims before asking, “Can you say receipts? LOL” 

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Stop the Cap

Still, D.L. Hughley came back with another response questioning Mo’Nique’s“Hick’s Media Inc” contract. “Hold up!! That’s you!!! You reallly showing everyone a contract you submitted from your own company🤣🤣🤣🤣” he asked. “I smell b####### and I wouldn’t pick it up with the old ass birth certificate paper it was written on!! “ 

He added, “Stop the 🧢!!” before relisting his own deal stipulations. “Now explain to me how my s### was delivered on and yours wasn’t?? Sounds to me like your problem is with “hicks media inc”. Can we please implement the 3 knockdown rule?? 💥🥊 “ he concluded.  

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