Mother Of Ludacris' Child Said He Once Bribed Her To Have An Abortion (VIDEO)


The mother of Ludacris’ child, whom she gave birth to while Ludacris was in a relationship, is currently in a heated custody battle with the newly-married rapper.  Luda wants full custody of their daughter, which her mother, Tamika Fuller, says shouldn’t happen because he once begged her to get an abortion.

According to reports, Fuller testified in court that when she told Ludacris that she was pregnant he cried and said the baby would ruin his life and his career and said she should not have the baby because it would not grow up with their parents in the same home. She says that he also bribed her, offering $10,000 and a house if she agreed to get an abortion. Fuller also said that he gave her over $900 at one point to terminate the pregnancy.

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Fuller previously claimed that the “Area Codes” rapper married his girlfriend Eudoxie in such a quick manner only to try to prove to the judge that his home was more stable than her’s.

Watch a clip from her testimony below.