Top 5 Reasons To Watch The Murda Mook vs. Tay Roc Battle on URL

Some will tune in because it might be the battle of the decade and others because it is the ultimate grudge match — Check out the reasons why people are tuning in to see these two battle rap kings get busy.

 The Murda Mook and Tay Roc battle is around the corner and folks want to know why this is one of the most talked-about contests of the year.

Will Murda Mook’s legend status trump Roc’s aggressive star power? Or will Roc’s gun bars blast over the Harlem rapper’s ability to break down his opponent. Several influencers in the game have given the top five reasons why people are tuning in.

5. The Battle Will Change The Dynamic of The Culture Forever


Tay Roc (Caffeine TV)

For the last 20 years, Murda Mook has been considered one of the best (if not the best) battle rappers in the universe. If Tay Roc, a person that he considered a fly on the wall that witnessed his ascension from the rafters, wins it will signal an end of a dynasty. Roc will become the new King of Battle Rap and Dot Mob’s biggest star and the greatest asset will return to Harlem beat and scattered.

“If Tay Roc wins, Dot Mob is basically dead and gone,” according to female rapper C3. “However if Mook wins, The King returns.”

Murda Mook (Management)

D.I. the Hennyman takes it a step further adding this about his fellow Marylander, “It’s a coming of age match for Tay Roc. If he wins (or makes a classic), he is in those GOAT conversations. 

This further complicates the battle rap caste system of Vet, Top Tier, and Rookie. God Tier will become an official category, proven by a tested icon on the URL stage.

4. It Is a Battle of SMACK Eras: SMACK DVDs vs. SMACK/URL


Troy “Smack White” Mitchell is not called the “Godfather of Battle Rap” for nothing. He has almost single-handedly created a commercially viable industry out of a street culture phenomenon that dates back to the 1970s. Sure, people were battling before his first DVD hit the corner mixtape shop in 2003. However, no one can dispute the shift people experienced when the end of the jawn came on and viewers got to see Party Arty, Jae Mills, Sire Castro, Loaded Lux, Jin, Verse, T-Rex, Un Kasa, Young Miles, X-Factor, Nemesis, Nova, Serius Jones, Math Hoffa, Iron Solomon, Lady Luck, Rece Steele, Young Hot, Tech 9, Mysonne, and ENess go at it. By 2009, there was another shift, propelling the SMACK name into another stratosphere. 

This is the place where Tay Roc is most popular. From their website to YouTube to the App and now Caffeine, this is the space where the battle rapper gained respect as skilled artists and found commercial success. No one can deny the spaces that this current incarnation has found itself sitting comfortably (BET Music Awards, 106 and Park, ESPN, MTV, Netflix, Amazon books, radio, etc.), producing stars like Charlie Clips, Hitman Holla, Tsu Surf, Arsonal, DNA, John John da Don, Geechi Gotti, T-Top and so many more.

The Murda Mook and Tay Roc battle is not only going to be a clash of titans but a clash of eras.

3. It Will be Murda Mook’s First Solo Battle on The Ultimate Rap League Since Summer Madness 2


It has been 8 years since Murda Mook has stepped on an Ultimate Rap League’s stage. And so much has changed since then. The style of rapping is faster and more dexterous. If Mook’s bars punched like Muhammad Ali (jab, jab, hook, rope-a-dope), then new class moves like The Rock, with a new type of RAZZAMATAZZ! Will he be able to compete in such an environment?

 Sure he will. The reality is, the Dot Mob leader is a master at emceeing and knows how to memorize an audience. Moreover, he knows how to win. First solo battle in almost two decades? A gifted spitter like him is ready for the fight (and if the people who have heard his rounds are correct, it will be one of the best Mook’s you have ever heard.

2. There is History to This Match Up (The Dot Mob Saga) *Lightning Speed Recount


Almost a decade ago, Tay Roc was recruited to become a member of the Dot Mob. The Harlem crew had few outsiders and even fewer folk from around their way. More than a battle rap posse, the tight-knit artists (and street n**gas) were family. Bringing him in, under the Lieutenant T-Rex was a gamble … a gamble that proved to be an investment.

Tay Roc was an asset to the team. As Murda Mook and T-Rex went on a decline in the culture, Roc came out of the darkness (metaphorically like the bat from his Cave Gang) and flew to new heights. In fact, it was said that he carried the crew on his back. He kept the flag-waving high— though behind the scenes he was never as accepted as he thought he was. 

Cracks in the crew’s foundation started with K-Shine’s departure, but Roc did not see it. But when battled Goodz, and Murda Mook declared that he lost to the Henny drinking Bronx Bomber. Tay Roc felt betrayed and through the lens of that betrayal, he started to see that his loyalty was not reciprocated. 

From his perspective, Mook and his cousin T-Rex both were no good. He left the crew, believing that his Cave Gang could thrive. And it did. 

Brizz Rawsteen, who was once also associated with Dot Mob, eventually teamed up with T-Top to battle Murda Mook and Calicoe. During the battle, Brizz said used an expletive in regards to Mook’s recently deceased mother which birthed (after some turmoil) a battle between the BR and MM that was booked from Summer Madness X and was canceled without explanation.

Before this battle could take place, more beef still was searing, leading to Tay Roc and T-Rex battling. Rex, the Old G to the Baltimore county rapper, showed not only his rust but his inability to compete with his former protégé.

Roc later was placed in front of another Dot Mob associate, Daylyt. He didn’t emerge as the victor in this battle, but it was said that this was one of the best versions of Dante Richardson that the culture had ever seen. It was shortly after this, that it was revealed that Brizz would not be battling Mook on the SMX card. 

It was then that Roc stepped up to battle his former crew leader in Brizz’ stead. While many thought this was a substitution battle, for both of them, it was way more. These two had to square some things up. 

1. The Beef is Real

Goodz says it best, “They don’t like each other.”

Their face-off says it even better.


Shout out to the following influencers for contributing to the research for this project: Goodz, C3, Ms. Fit, Knowledge da God from HipHopIsReal, D.I. da Hennyman from Battle Rap Trap, Slim Reda from Champion and the AnR show, Kevin Quinney from Kevin and Kiera, Ike P from Restore the Order, Fa Da God from Nobody Put Us On podcast, NuNu Nellz, and Ben Swayze from the New Era Podcast.