Murda Mook Goes At Talentless Talents In New Freestyle

Do You Agree With Mook!

(AllHipHop News) Murda Mook is back and this time the rhyme master is going at the new ways of the industry in #NoTalentIsTheNewTalent.

In the freestyle, Mook breaks down how the creative process of Hip-Hop has waned in year, making way for those he considers talentless to make strides.

“As long as the followers are clicking that button, n****s will risk their own survival, “Here’s record me getting shot/here go the rifle/ Now record the doctor telling me the bullet shattered my spinal / Aiiiight, you got all that? Upload that s**t, my n***a, we going viral.”

The response seemed to have and overwhelmingly positive response.

“Preach … One think I’m always gonna respect about mook is that.. He will always speak the truth .. Now a days .. Be wack do some dumb shi… Get noticed and you’re big… They forgot about selling from back seat of cars train tracks hussle .. Jamaica ave type flow ??,” one followers said.

One person – in the minority – disagreed, however.

“[Mook] still hating tho why mfs care how another MF getting their money,” the person said.

Check out the rhymes below.