Music Executives Think Jay Z’s Tidal Will Fail In Less Than A Year


(AllHipHop News) Despite numerous exclusives from artists like Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Prince, and Madonna, the Tidal streaming service has been off to a rough start. The initial roll out of the Jay Z led platform faced criticism for coming off as elitist, and the $20 price for the premium option was viewed as too expensive.

All of this has led to many insiders wondering how long Tidal will be able to compete against Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. Billboard conducted a survey of over 50 top executives in the music business, and an overwhelming number of the brass believe Tidal will be dead by August 2016.

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via Billboard
via Billboard

The survey also included respondents saying they believe Apple’s Jimmy Iovine is the most talented executive in the business. Rap music was also named the most despised genre, and a majority feel the industry is unfair to artists.

Another recent survey showed consumers are not responding to the new Apple Music service. Research company MusicWatch surveyed 5,000 Apple users. Forty-eight percent of those questioned no longer use Apple Music and sixty-one percent turned off the auto-renewal option.

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PHOTO: Def Jam