Mysonne Says Troy Ave Is “Too Old To Keep Lying” As Beef Flares Up Again


Mysonne continued his feud with Troy Ave on social media after the two rappers exchanged diss tracks in April.

The bad blood between Mysonne and Troy Ave spilled over to the comments of Nick Cannon’s Instagram account.

Nick Cannon shared a clip of his interview with Troy Ave, who described the 2016 shooting that resulted in the death of Ronald “Banga” McPhatter. Mysonne taunted Troy Ave in the post’s comments, leading to the two trading insults.

“Hey GONZO face lil n**** did u get with that old white man that beat yo a$$ yet?” Troy Ave wrote to Mysonne. “They told me u was screaming on the floor.”

Mysonne argued with several Instagram users about his beef with Troy Ave. He explained why he continued to antagonize Troy Ave instead of ending the feud.

“You sound concerned but if you google our names you will see the man has spoken on me 3 times as much as I have him and my comments never were to violate him which that hasn’t been his approach his disrespected my family numerous times,” Mysonne wrote. “My comment merely was stating that this man has told this story on Numerous occasions not just in court. I apologize if your statement offended queen I just hope I can find you on 1 of the over 100 post and interviews of him actually disrespecting me you this passionate about not [tearing] down each other. Respectfully.”

Mysonne repeatedly called Troy Ave a rat. Troy Ave mocked his rival in response.

“None of us respect you we laughed at you outside of Fabs great adventure bus,” Troy Ave wrote.

Mysonne fired back, “You too old to keep lying beloved.”

Last month, Mysonne dropped two Troy Ave diss tracks. Troy Ave released his own diss titled “Taxi Robber.”

Check out Nick Cannon’s interview that started the latest back-and-forth between the rappers below.