Mystikal Held In General Population— Will Get No Preferential Treatment In Rape Case


The Sheriff’s office does not care if the rapper has sold millions of records, he will be treated like all the others in the jail.

Rapper Mystikal, once known for having one of the most promising careers out of New Orleans, has found himself in yet another sexual assault case— this time allegations of looking someone up against their will, drug use compound the rape allegation.

Officials are saying, he will receive no preferential treatment just because he is famous.

 A representative from the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office, Donovan Jackson, said his celebrity will not yield him any favors and the case inches towards a conviction.

“He didn’t show the victim any sympathy, and he won’t get any sympathy or special treatment,” Jackson declared. “He will be in general population and incarcerated like anyone else.”

According to arrest records, the rapper, whose real name is Michael Tyler, was arrested on Sunday, July 31 and now faces charges including first-degree rape, false imprisonment, domestic abuse battery (strangulation), simple robbery, and simple criminal damage to property. 

WBRZ reports an Ascension Parish judge determined the rapper will be held without a bond during a hearing on Tuesday, Aug. 2.

The former No Limit Soldier’s lawyer, Roy Maughan, said, “We’re extremely disappointed that the judge decided he needed to hold Mr. Tyler without bond.”

Details of the alleged sexual assault were listed in the “Shake it Fast” rapper’s arrest warrant.

It said the incident occurred on Saturday, July 30 at the artist’s Prairieville home.

Allegedly, Mystikal thought the woman stole $100 in cash from him, prompting him to punch, choke and pull the braids out of her hair. He then took her keys and cell phone and stopped her from leaving the premises.

The woman figured she would try and help Mystikal look for the money, hoping this would calm him down. However, while she was searching the place, she told law enforcement she found a “crystalline substance” in one of his drawers.

A later search determined not only did he have meth, a recreational drug that proves to be devilishly harmful to those who smoke it, in his home, but he also had Xanax, heroin, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia to partake in the consumption of the controlled substances. 

In addition to the beating, she reported that the rapper had extreme mood swings throughout the night, going from being angry over the money and becoming “very apologetic” for his actions.

When he said he was sorry, he then asked if he could “feel” her, pushing her on the bed and then raping her.

After the sexual assault, the report says he told her to CashApp him the money he believed she stole. While she was getting ready to pay him, he snatched the phone from her and typed $150 in the app, and sent himself the payment with a $50 bonus.

He gave her the phone and told her she could leave.

She says she jumped in her car, drove away, and contacted a friend who took her to the hospital where she reported the crime. She was given a sexual assault kit. Authorities found that her injuries were consistent with her description of the brutal attack.

This is not the first time he is accused of raping women. Two decades ago, he was convicted of sexual battery and was cleared in 2021 of a different rape and kidnapping allegation.

In 2003, he pleaded guilty to sexual battery and served six years in prison. Before being released in 2021, he spent 18 months in jail on a $3 million bond for that other rape case. This last case was dismissed but the circumstances around it have been sealed.