N.O.R.E. Apologizes To The Family Of George Floyd For Kanye West’s ‘Drink Champs’ Interview 

N.O.R.E. said he was “embarrassed” over the interview and claimed that Kanye West threatened to walk out of the recording.

N.O.R.E. is “embarrassed” over his recent interview with Kanye West on Drink Champs and has apologized for not checking the rapper over his incorrect comments about George Floyd’s death

Ye falsely claimed George Floyd died from fentanyl and not asphyxiation. Police officer Derek Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes. Two separate autopsies confirmed asphyxiation as the cause of death. 

Fans criticized the rapper and the podcast host once clips of the interview circulated online. While N.O.R.E. uploaded an extended clip questioning Ye about his recent controversial remarks on the Drink Champs YouTube channel, the backlash continued.  

N.O.R.E. called into Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning show today (Oct. 17) to discuss the episode. He apologized for not holding the rapper to account and revealed his embarrassment over the interview. N.O.R.E. also claimed that Kanye West threatened to walk out of the show.  

“I didn’t think he was gonna spread this ideology, I didn’t think he was gonna go there,” N.O.R.E. explained. “I thought that he was gonna have a couple of drinks. He smoked blunts with us, I thought it was gonna be light hearted.”   

N.O.R.E. Claims Kanye West Threatened To Walk Out

N.O.R.E. continued: “He threatened my producer, that if he couldn’t film he would walk out. We was trying to…That’s how our interviews go. We try to lighten you up, and then we get you drunk and then we get you to turn to our side.” He explained that they “tried to do that,” but it’s Ye. I learned my lesson, ’cause at the end of the day, as a journalist, I did my job. I let a person talk.” 

The rapper-turned-podcaster also admitted that he didn’t realize the extent of Kanye West’s remarks until he rewatched the episode. 

“As a journalist, you supposed to have no opinion, no options, none of that. But, I kinda, I’m Black. I am George Floyd,” he said before, adding,” I am Virgil [Abloh]. I am that. And I didn’t know ’til I saw it. I don’t watch my own interviews, I just think I’m that dope. So, when I watched myself, I was embarrassed. I was like, ‘Wait a minute, what did you let him just say?'” 

However, co-host Peter Rosenberg challenged N.O.R.E. over journalists’ responsibility to question false statements. Ultimately, N.O.R.E. apologized.  

“When I look back at the interview, I was like, ‘Damn, N.O.R.E., why did you wait two hours to address that,'” he added. “Even though I did feel I addressed it. I addressed it way too late. The interview way too long. And I’m embarrassed…I can blame this all on Kanye West but I’m not. I want to sit back and say I was irresponsible for letting it go.” Watch the interview below.

N.O.R.E. Apologizes To George Floyd’s Family

Later, during an interview on The Breakfast Club N.O.R.E. also apologized to the family of George Floyd amid the news they are considering suing Kanye West over his comments.  

“I apologize to the George Floyd family. I apologize to anyone who was hurt by Kanye West’s comments,” he said.