Nas On Racial Divide: It’s Not Cool For U.S. To Look Like Apartheid South Africa (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Hip Hop legend Nas addresses social issues in his music and through public appearances. The Queens native continued speaking on the important topics facing the nation in an interview with Time. During the discussion, Nas made a comparison between the appearance of the current racial divide in America to the battles over the institutionalized segregation in pre-1990’s South Africa.

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“It’s not cool to look like Apartheid South Africa 1988. How are we going to be the free world or the most powerful country when inside this country we’re fighting because of skin color? That’s just embarrassing,” said Nas. “I’m one of the guys that’s out there saying, ‘Listen, it has to stop.”

Nas was marched alongside protesters at the recent Eric Garner inspired “Millions March NYC”. He was joined by mogul Russell Simmons and music executive Kevin Liles as well.

The creator of the rap masterpiece Illmatic later discussed the importance of African-American youth knowing the history of Black people that started with civilizations on the African continent. Nas also expressed his belief that the American public has the ability to come together.

“There’s a lot of healing that needs to come onto this country,” stated Nas. “America, we are really smart enough to figure it out, but I guess it’s safer to hang out and be ignorant, be hateful, and think that one person is better than the other.”

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Watch Nas’ interview below.