U.S. Navy Revokes Bill Cosby's Honorary Title


As women continue to come forward with rape allegations against Bill Cosby, he continues to lose his accolades that he gained over the years.

The United States Navy is revoking his title as an honorary chief petty officer. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Master Chief Petty Officer Michael Stevens announced the news on Thursday (Dec. 4) that the recent sexual assault allegations conflict with the Navy’s core values.

Cosby enlisted into the Navy in 1956 and served as a hospital corpsman for four years before his honorable discharge in 1960 as a Third Class Petty Officer. The comedian was given the honorary title back in 2011.

This can be added to the long list of losses the 77-year-old has suffered since being accused of rape by almost a dozen women. So far, Cosby has lost NBC and Netflix deals, resigned from Temple University’s Board of Trustees and has been asked to step down from UMass-Amherst’s fundraising committee.  Almost a dozen women have come forward accusing Cosby of rape and sexual assault.