NBA Drops 6 New Superlative Trophies, Including The Michael Jordan Trophy Awarded To Current Year’s MVP

Many deserving ballers will be celebrated this year in professional basketball.

Big changes are coming to the National Basketball Association.

According to a recent announcement, stating on social media they have several new trophies to be given to a phenomenal basketball players, sponsored by Kia America.

“The NBA today unveiled six newly designed trophies named after NBA legends, which will be presented to the end-of-season Kia Performance Award winners. The lineup is headlined by The Michael Jordan Trophy, awarded to the Kia NBA MVP,” the post.

“The Michael Jordan Trophy – Awarded to the Kia NBA Most Valuable Player The league’s MVP will now be awarded The Michael Jordan Trophy, bearing the name of the NBA legend widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. During his career, Jordan was MVP five times,” it continued.

The trophy stands 23.6 inches tall and weighs 23.6 pounds, representing Jordan’s jersey number (23) and number of NBA championships (6).
• Its five-sided base is a nod to Jordan’s five league MVPs.
• The namesake badge is six-sided, a nod to Jordan’s six NBA championships.
• The 15-degree angle of the base is a nod to Jordan’s 15-season career.
• The crystal basketball consists of 23 points, a nod to Jordan’s jersey number.
• The crystal basketball measures 1.23 inches in diameter, in reference to the singularity of the MVP and Jordan’s standout career.

“The Jerry West Trophy – Awarded to the Kia NBA Clutch Player of the Year The NBA will introduce the new award at the end of the season. Legendary Lakers broadcaster Chick Hearn gave West the nickname ‘Mr. Clutch’ for his extraordinary shooting at the end of close games,” it also posted.

West commented on the trophy saying, “There are few greater thrills as a basketball player than coming through for your teammates and fans when they need it most.”

The Special Advisor for the LA Clippers added, “This new trophy will be awarded to the player who best delivers in those moments.”

Hakeem Olajuwon is even getting a trophy named after him.

“The Hakeem Olajuwon Trophy – Awarded to the Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year Defensive dominance helped define Hakeem Olajuwon’s Hall of Fame career,” the league continued. “He was a two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year and nine-time NBA All-Defensive Team selection.”

“I am honored to have the opportunity to celebrate the league’s best defensive player each year,” said Olajuwon.  “Great basketball teams are defined by their ability to defend, with every great team connected by an elite defensive anchor.”

The NBA Rookie of the Year Trophy will be named after Philadelphia basketball great, Wilt Chamberlain.

“The Wilt Chamberlain Trophy – Awarded to the Kia NBA Rookie of the Year Wilt Chamberlain’s 1959-60 season is unmatched for an NBA rookie. Chamberlain averaged 37.6 points and 27.0 rebounds in 46.4 minutes per game for the Philadelphia Warriors,” a tweet read.

Barbara Chamberlain Lewis, Wilt’s sister, and the Chamberlain family gave remarks saying, “We are humbled and thankful that the NBA has immortalized Wilt’s greatness with this honor. Wilt rewrote nearly every NBA record throughout his illustrious career, which tipped off with an incredible rookie season that redefined what was possible and set a ceiling as high as he stood for all rookies who have followed.”

“The John Havlicek Trophy – Awarded to the Kia NBA Sixth Man of the Year John Havlicek starred in his role off the bench during his Hall of Fame career. He came off the bench for the first seven seasons of his career and was an All-Star in four of those seasons,” the NBA tweeted.

“We are honored that the NBA recognized John’s career achievements with this award,” said Beth Havlicek, John’s wife, and the Havlicek family in recognition of the honor.  “John defined what it means to be the ultimate sixth man, with his leadership and stellar play serving as the utmost example of effectively starring in a role for the betterment of the team.”

Ending with, “The George Mikan Trophy – Awarded to the Kia NBA Most Improved Player of the Year: A layup and footwork exercise known as the ‘Mikan Drill’ has been used for decades by players at all levels to improve their game. It is named for George Mikan, who mastered the fundamentals.”

“We are grateful that the NBA has recognized George’s career achievements with this honor,” said Mike Mikan, son of George Mikan #99, and the Mikan family.  

Adding, “George is one of the best NBA players ever, but perhaps his greatest legacy is the one he has passed down to others through his legendary ‘Mikan Drill,’ providing generations of basketball players around the world with the tools to improve their game.”

Who do you think deserves to win these trophies this year?