NBA Player Kyrie Irving Snaps On Pras For Becoming An Informant, Says He Now Knows Why Lauryn Hill Retired


Questions now swirl, asking whether or not Pras working with the FBI makes him an informant or a tipster.

Kyrie Irving is weighing in on Pras Michel allegedly becoming an FBI informant while fighting his international money laundering trial.

The basketball player says it all makes sense to him why Lauryn Hill wanted out of the group.

Irving tweeted, “A whole FBI informant was in the Fugees for that long?? Got me Wondering how many more informants are in  Entertainment/Media/Politics silently destroying revolutionary movements from the inside.”

“No matter what I gotta stay Poised and Aware of who I am around. Hélà,” he added.

In a report received by, Pras, a founding member of the Fugees, tipped off the government while he was on trial for conspiring to make illegal campaign contributions using foreign funds, witness tampering, and failing to register as a foreign agent of the Chinese government. 

The court document described what Pras actually did according to the government.

“After Michel discussed the holiday party photo, he answered questions about his efforts to push the US to extradite Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, a vocal critic of Beijing,” the document said.

It further stated, “Michel said he met voluntarily several times with FBI agents to discuss Guo and three Americans being held hostage in China, including a pregnant woman. Michel denied that he acted as an agent for China in the Guo extradition push. He also said he never knew he had to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act for helping to try to scuttle the US probe of Low.”

Rumors said his tip might set him up as an FBI informant, but no paperwork that he signed saying he was an informant.

Minutes later, Irving posted another tweet.

“Now I see why Ms. Lauryn Hill and countless others had to retire or disappear from their craft without anyone understanding why. So S’o all of the Revolutionary Elders and Ancestors who saw the writing on the wall and got FREE. We need you more than ever now,” he tweeted.

With all the information, do you believe Irving is correct in his assessment of Pras?