What Did NBA YoungBoy Do From Prison To Take Drake’s #1 Spot on Billboard?

Many believe there is a formula to make an album hit the first week … but sometimes it is as simple as a good team, great fans and a whole bunch of luck.

Forget making good music, it is said by some that the top ways to race up the charts as a rapper is to die (God forbid), start a beef, act a fool in public or go to jail. At least three of those things can be said about NBA YoungBoy, who is set to nab that #1 spot on Billboard, even as he is sitting in a St. Bernard Parish prison.

But maybe none of that is true …

The Louisiana native’s new release “Sincerely Kentrell” dropped and it is projected to sell between 135,000 and 155,000 units in its first week. When this happens, this will be the biggest album debut of his career. The 21-track project is unique because there are no features on it at all. But what did he do to achieve this milestone?

Sure, it is easy to look at his massive headlines that seem to tidal wave Hip-Hop media. He has a lot of children. He plays with guns. He is locked up. He turns up in jail. The list goes on. These things have probably help substantially. But perhaps his team, unlike many other rappers, are out here hustling.

He and his team have been heavy on the promotion, even without his core social media (Twitter, IG, FB), releasing a series of four videos for songs from the project.

“Life Support”

“On My Side”

“Break Or Make Me”


Earlier this week, AllHipHop.com reported that the 21-year-old chart topper’s attorney complained that YouTube was not supporting the project or pushing the content they were posting. He took to his InstaStory to say, “YouTube told us they can’t promote YB because of his image (laughing with tears emoji) weak ass platform. Your #1 artist 3 years in a row.”

It seems that YoungBoy NeverBrokeAgain didn’t need the extra promotion. His team is on it. And his fans are faithful to him. They are just as much responsible for creating awareness as the team is.

Perhaps, all the news about him asking Biden to get him out of jail and his mystery child was all the media fever he needed to drive the project. It could also be, he drops bangers — which dismisses the entire “do negative to get the light.” 

AllHipHop.com reported earlier today that “Sincerely Kentrell” will end Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy’s” three-week streak at the top of the charts. If he does, this is a feat that no other rapper has been able to do. Not even, Kanye! This gives us the answer, hardwork makes hits!