NBA Youngboy’s Release From Jail Could Be Ruined By Drug Tests

NBA YoungBoy

The young rapper’s probation officer claims the rapper is not abiding by the terms of his release from a prior arrest.

NBA Youngboy is facing another obstacle to his freedom after he was busted in Los Angeles by the feds on weapon possession charges.

The rap star’s probation officer claims he blew off a series of mandatory meetings and drug tests after he was released from jail over his arrest in September of 2020. 

NBA Youngboy was caught up as he was shooting a music video inside of a house and Baton Rouge, with members of the Never Broke Again crew, in addition to alleged members affiliated with the Bottom Boy Gorilla gang.

The cops arrested 16 people on drug and firearm charges, including NBA Youngboy, born Kentrell Gaulden. 

The state never charged NBA Youngboy with a crime over the raid, and they were eventually forced to give back $40,000 in cash they had confiscated from the young rap star. 

However, the seizure of an arsenal of weapons kicked off a federal investigation, which resulted in an arrest warrant for NBA Youngboy.

On March 22nd, the cops attempted to take NBA Youngboy into custody, but he made a break for it, although he was eventually apprehended with the assistance of a K-9, who sniffed the rapper out.

NBA Youngboy was officially charged with 

Now that he is in custody, the feds appear to be ready to throw the book at him. 

Local officials claim NBA Youngboy broke his daily curfew and missed his random, mandatory drug tests, as well as monthly visits to his P.O. 

NBA Youngboy’s lawyer claimed he was innocent, and the lack of state charges only proved his point.

“What happened to him in California was a travesty,” his lawyer James Manasseh said in a statement. “Every law enforcement agency knows we represent Kentrell and no one told us of his warrant. Had they told us he was indicted, we would have voluntarily surrendered him at our office in a safe and non-public manner.” 

However, NBA Youngboy’s lack of cooperation could seriously hinder his attempt to make bond later this month, when he stands before a judge.

Sources have stated the rapper may have to put up as much as $2 million in cash to regain his freedom. 

Local authorities claim NBA Youngboy and his gang Never Broke Again have been at war with the Top Boy Gorilla Gang for years now.

Several murders have been attributed to the feud, including the unsolved shooting death of NBA Youngboy’s agent Desmond “Dump” Hardnett, who was shot and killed in May of 2018.

The feds also say the feud is to blame for a violent shooting on mother’s Day in Miami in 2018 during rolling loud, which resulted in his ex-girlfriend taking a bullet. 

A 43-year-old bystander was shot in the head and killed in the crossfire, when members of NBA Youngboy’s entourage, who were licensed to carry firearms, fired back in self-defense.

And, another associate of NBA Youngboy named Deandre Fields aka NBA Lil Pap, is facing one count of second-degree murder for the shooting death of a local Baton Rouge rapper named Gee Money,

“In the days prior to Burton’s death, both Burton and Gaulden made several social media posts about one another, which further exacerbated tensions between the two rival rap music groups. When Burton was killed, members of the NBA group were immediately developed as suspects due to the ongoing rap music feud,” According to detectives working the case.  

NBA Youngboy is looking at a 10-year prison stretch if he is found guilty of possessing firearms in the September 2020 raid.