Nelly Says The Rumors Are True: He’s Back With Ashanti

Nelly Ashanti

Nelly and Ashanti fueled the rumors of their renewed romance when they reunited for a performance in April 2023.

Nelly officially confirmed his relationship with Ashanti. The diamond-selling rapper spoke about rekindling his romance with Ashanti on a new episode of Philo’s Boss Moves with Rasheeda.

“Yeah, we cool again,” Nelly said when asked about Ashanti. “I think it surprised both of us. It wasn’t anything that was planned. I think we both was pretty much doing what we do. But sometimes being separate, you understand one another more. You could be like, ‘Well, yo, let me exactly see maybe what they see.’ Because we all can be defensive sometimes in our own relationship. And we know we wrong, but we gonna stand on it. But we all a victim to that.”

Nelly mentioned how he felt “no pressure” in his current relationship with Ashanti. He thought they were both in a much better place now.

“Before I felt like both us were doing what we were doing career-wise and when you got so many people in the middle of it, it can be tough,” he said.

Nelly wasn’t ready to walk the wedding aisle with Ashanti but admitted he wanted to get married at some point in his life. He said his goal was to die knowing he had someone who loved him.