Nelly’s Naughty Song “Tip Drill” Has Resurgence – Thanks To The NBA Finals


Nelly’s song “Tip Drill” started trying to go on social media, after the NBA played the raunchy song before halftime during the Miami/Boston playoff game.

About twenty years St. Louis’ rap prodigy Nelly was in the eye of a cultural hurricane, all thanks to his audacious tune, “Tip Drill.”

It was 2004 when Nelly’s video for “Tip Drill” caused a significant stir in the late-night realm of BET’s video segment, “UnCut.” 

The music video featured a moment that, let’s just say, put a new spin on financial transactions. Nelly, in a cheeky move, slid a credit card between the buttocks of a black model -and it caused a ruckus.

The fallout from this racy stunt was swift and widespread. College campuses nationwide turned into debating hotspots. 

Groups advocating for African-American women’s rights voiced their displeasure, pointing out the distasteful representation of women. Nelly’s “Tip Drill” had unwittingly set off a nationwide debate on women’s portrayal in music videos.

When asked about the controversy by AllHipHop back then, Nelly seemed surprised, saying, “We are not trying to put it into a perspective where we demoralize women. It was strictly adult entertainment.” 

Evidently, not everyone was amused.

Fast forward to the present day, and it’s clear that public sentiments have shifted significantly – it seems that the NBA has ushered in the second coming of “Tip Drill.” 

The Miami Heat and Boston were battling it out in the Eastern Conference finals on May 19, and as the first half winded down and the players prepared for halftime, a familiar beat thumped through the TV speakers. 

It was none other than “Tip Drill.” The surprise reappearance of the infamous song created quite a stir on social media. 

Twitter was buzzing with thousands of users expressing sheer disbelief that “Tip Drill” had infiltrated prime-time television. Amid the stunned tweets, a few jovial reactions trickled in, giving a humorous spin to the unexpected resurgence of Nelly’s controversial track.

Take a look at some of the replies: