New Report Cast Negative Cloud Over Travis Scott’s Astroworld Civil Cases

Right when the artist is on a high, career-ending news comes down the pike for Cactus Jack.

Important evidence may change the trajectory of Travis Scott’s Astroworld case. Houston police have recently made public a comprehensive 1,266-page report that does not look favorable on the rap star.

If what is in this report is true, the rapper could be liable for the horrific tragedies on that night. This disturbing news comes days after he drops his new album, Utopia.

As reported, Scott is being sued after a crowd surge took the life of 10 people.

According to the report, during the November 2021 Astroworld concert, a security guard went backstage and pleaded with Travis Scott’s team to halt the event due to security concerns, TMZ reported.

Within the report, numerous interviews were conducted with hundreds of concert attendees, including those who experienced injuries and required hospitalization. Also included in the report was a testimony from a security guard named Marty.

Travis Scott
Travis Scott

In his comments to the police, the security guard said he managed to reach the backstage audio area during Drake’s performance in an attempt to stop the show.

He then said that he clearly communicated to two members of Travis’ team, who supposedly had the means to reach Travis, that the concert had to be stopped. To the misfortune of those injured and killed, his effort was obstructed and unable to convey his urgent message.

According to the man’s account, Travis’ team was totally against the show being stopped because Drake still had three more songs to perform.

The security guard tried to emphasize that the situation was more important than just Drake’s performance but alleged that Travis’ team didn’t care.

During the investigation into the night, the police also interviewed Drake and asked if he noticed any issues in the crowd while he was on stage. The “God’s Plan” chart-topper said he did not, mostly because of the many lights around. He also said since he had not done a rehearsal, he was unfamiliar with performing on that stage. Thus was unaware of things going on with the audience.

In addition to the attendees, there were first responders that talked about the medical challenges they encountered. Within a span of 46 minutes, one firefighter attended to 11 patients experiencing cardiac arrest. He also encountered one individual with a crushed larynx, one overdose incident, and several other injuries requiring immediate attention.

Travis faces civil lawsuits over the concert tragedy, and if evidence shows his team indeed hindered efforts to stop the show, it may have major legal consequences in the ongoing cases.