New Tupac Doc Looks At Unseen Pictures To Tell Untold Stories About His Life

"A Life in Ten Pictures"/Tupac

A documentary on rapper Tupac is set to debut on Crackle this July as part of a six-part BBC docuseries called “A Life in 10 Pictures.”

Another documentary on the life of rapper Tupac Shakur is set to debut in July as part of a six-part BBC docu-series called “A Life in 10 Pictures.”

The show aims to unlock “the stories of extraordinary lives, whose images are known around the world, with revealing insight from just ten pictures — from iconic shots to private snaps.”

The photographers of the pictures in “A Life in 10 Pictures” discuss what they saw behind the lens and the environment in which they were snapped.

One person holding an old picture of Tupac rapping on the mic in front of a group of kids on a stoop said, “He was a true live performer.”

Another person added, “He was feared. He was loved. He really connected with people.”

As she unpacked an image from Tupac in high school, a teacher explained he would rap, and her jaw would “drop to the floor.”

In another promo pic for what seems to be an “All-American student,” she says, “I think what you see in this picture is definitely not what his reality was.”

As the 1:43 sizzle reel culminates, one of the most powerful statements ever about a rapper is uttered: “Some artists are famous for their music, and some are famous for what they stand for and who they are.”

Tupac, as fans all know, was a combination of the two. 

The “A Life in 10 Pictures” series includes Freddie Mercury, actress Elizabeth Taylor, boxer Muhammad Ali, musician/activist John Lennon, and singer Amy Winehouse.

Tupac’s episode airs on Friday, July 1st, on the Crackle streaming service.