Woman Screams “My Leg, My Leg” After Getting Shot In Troy Ave Incident

A New Video Shows Another Angle To The Shooting!

(AllHipHop News) A new video seems to show the mayhem in the green room at Irving Plaza in New York City. Though out the video 39-second video, five shots ring out with a woman repeatedly yelling “My leg, my leg.” The DailyMail.com obtained video that seems to depict the events that lead up to the Troy Ave shooting last Wednesday. The video apparently begins in the green room and leads into an open area of the venue.

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While facts are limited, it has been speculated that Troy Ave confronted Taxstone in the VIP room after the podcast host had berated the rapper over social media. The resulting fracas ended in a shoot out.

This video has been analyzed.

It has been confirmed that that Maggie Heckstall was shot in the leg so, if the video is of the same scene, she is heard screaming my leg. She is reportedly in a relationship with Maino. Her account of the incident corroborates the video seen above.

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It has been speculated that somebody from Taxstone’s crew fired an initial three shots heard in the first moments of the video (about seven seconds). Police allege that Troy Ave shot himself, but others have stated he was shot at the 19-second mark or was shot wrestling the gun away from an assailant. The latter part of the video shows the scenery of the room and corroborates the second video, which has gone viral.

Troy Ave’s recent court date has been pushed back due to his injuries.

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