New York Times Forced To Issue Correction For Fake Kanye West Quote About Kim K's *ss


(AllHipHop News) The New York Times is regarded as one of the most respected news organizations in the world, but even the 160-year-old paper falls victim to false stories. That was the case when the Times recently published an article about Kim Kardashian’s behind which used a fictional Kanye West quote from the satirical website The Daily Currant.

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Columnist Joyce Wadler wrote a piece in the Times‘ Fashion & Style section titled “Fear of Kim Kardashian’s Derrière.” In the article, Wadler referred to Kanye saying, “My booty is like Michelangelo level, you feel me? It’s like a sculpture. It’s like something that should be sitting in a museum for thousands of thousands of years. Kim? She’s got a nice ass. But it’s not at that level.”

The problem is that statement was taken from The Daily Currant‘s fake story, and Wadler did not credit the website. The New York Times was forced to print the following correction:

An earlier version of this column was published in error. That version included what purported to be an interview that Kanye West gave to a Chicago radio station in which he compared his own derrière to that of his wife, Kim Kardashian. Mr. West’s quotes were taken, without attribution, from the satirical website The Daily Currant. There is no radio station WGYN in Chicago; the interview was fictitious, and should not have been included in the column.

This is not the first time West was involved in an erroneous quote controversy courtesy of The Daily Currant. Last December, the site posted a fake news story that included a bogus quote from Kanye calling himself “the next Nelson Mandela” not long after the South African leader’s death. The article was widely circulated on social media as being factual.

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