Go For Your Guns: NFAC’s Grandmaster Jay Talks Police Brutality, African-Americans Taking Up Arms, and Racism

It is time to stress self-defense for Black people, according to Grandmaster Jay. The leader of the NFAC continues to lead the charge in the Ahmaud Abery case.

(AllHipHop News) The Ahmaud Abery has subsided from the headlines, as George Floyd has provided a spark that has caused uprisings all over the world. But, the wheels of justice or injustice continue to movie, even in the midst of a pandemic.

Grandmaster Jay forges ahead despite the global insurrection against injustice. He has been a Hip-Hop artist, activist, military veteran, and one-time presidential candidate, but now he is pushing another narrative: self-defense. The self-proclaimed gun enthusiast continues to garner support with his NFAC (Not F#cking Around Coalition), a collective of Black military men and former U.S. military disgusted by the continued abuse of unarmed African Americans. Whether it is police or The McMicheals (the murderers of Ahmaud), something is wrong.  Peaceful protests in a pandemic is promoted, but Jay focuses on armed resistence. 

State-sanctioned violence is now common, whether it is an assault on a 75-year old white man or the murder of an unarmed jogger. Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur talked to Grandmaster Jay in a formal interview that continues their original impromptuan exclusive in-depth, lengthy interview that outlines many of the inconsistencies with the case, the on-the-ground logistics and why guns are a necessary response to cases like Abery murder.