Mother Of Nick Cannon’s Son Zen Grieves For Late Child During Christmas Holiday

Nick Cannon

The mother of Nick Cannon’s child Zen is having a tough Christmas holiday after the newborn tragically died due to a brain tumor.

Weeks after losing her son to a brain tumor, Alyssa Scott, one of Nick Cannon’s baby mothers, is openly grieving.

At the beginning of December, Zen succumbed to a brain tumor at the tender age of 5 months.

The model posted a message on her social media, giving the world a peek into her heartbreak.

In a since-deleted post, Alyssa shared a picture of Baby Zen’s crib. The bed was sloppily decorated with a pile of toys and infant clothes— most noticeably a “onesie” that had monogrammed on it, “my first Christmas.”

Scott captioned, “Maybe you close the door to the nursery. Maybe you leave it open. Maybe you have boxed some things away – maybe you still fold and put them in the drawers. This is where I’m at.”

“Walking by his room.. sometimes going in. Washing some of his clothes and putting aside others that still have his scent. A pile is growing because I don’t know exactly what to do but I’m not rushing myself to a decision,” the mom continued.

“I am thinking of all who are grieving this holiday season,” Scott writes. “I am also reading your messages and keeping them close to me during this time.”

The most gut-wrenching line is when she references Zen’s “my first Christmas” outfit, “I was so excited for him to wear this onesie, I have had it laying out since Thanksgiving.”

Zen was Cannon’s seventh child.