Nick Young Talks His Rap Career, Signing Up For Jay Z’s Tidal & Engagement To Iggy Azalea


(AllHipHop News) Nick Young may have missed out on the NBA playoffs this year, but the Los Angeles Lakers player has plenty to say about the current Finals match-up between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The man also known as Swaggy P touched on the series during his interview with the Ballin’ Out podcast. Young was also asked about his turn as a rapper, his opinion of the Jay Z led Tidal streaming service, and his relationship with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

On his “rap career”:

I’ve been a rapper since I was born… before I could talk. It was just something to do in the neighborhood. I remember my brother used to hang the recorder from a shoestring hanging from the ceiling. We used to just be in there playing around, rapping. It’s nothing I took serious, but I think I could handle my own.

On Tidal:

Yeah, [I have a Tidal account,] but I got a lot of grief from it. My lady was like, “You’re just gonna sign up for Tidal for him. You didn’t want to do it for me.” I said, “Let me see what this Tidal’s all about. I’m not signing up for Tidal.” But I signed up when [Kanye West] dropped [The Life Of Pablo] album on Tidal… I don’t have Spotify… Tell Jay Z to holla at me.

On wedding plans with Iggy:

It’s coming along. It’s a little tough cause it’s a lot and it’s a lot of people that want to come. And it’s a lot of privacy you want to do with it. And she’s turned into this – what do you call it? Bridezilla or something like that?