Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty Reportedly Under Investigation In “High-Priority Case”

Nicki Minaj Kenneth Petty

It looks like #SurvivingThePettys is picking up steam.

Last year, YouTube channels and Instagram blogs began covering an unnamed woman claiming that she was being tormented by Nicki Minaj, her husband Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, and people connected to the famous couple. The situation has now made mainstream news.

The Daily Beast ran a piece this week titled “Nicki Minaj and Husband Kenneth Petty’s Campaign to Silence His Sexual Assault Victim.” Petty, now 42, was convicted of attempted rape of a sixteen-year-old girl (known as “Jennifer”) in 1995. As a result, he is required to register as a sex offender. The Queens, New York native was also convicted of assault, unlawful imprisonment, and criminal possession of a weapon.

In the article, the alleged victim claims associates of Minaj and Petty have repeatedly harassed her for months as a way to force her to retract her story about being assaulted by Petty. She previously made the same accusations against the Pettys in a YouTube video posted in November and later in a social media video where she showed her face.

Minaj and Petty’s purported pressure campaign against Jennifer, which allegedly included bribe money, was said to be part of an effort to get Petty cleared for potential federal charges for failing to register as a sex offender in the state of California. Supposedly, if Jennifer recanted her story then Petty would be able to get his record expunged.

According to Jennifer, she was contacted by the United States Marshals Service about the Petty and Minaj harassment allegations. A source apparently confirmed to the Daily Beast that an official investigation is underway. The probe is being described as a “high-priority case” with some evidence that has already been found.

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Jennifer has also repeatedly claimed that she personally spoke to Minaj and informed the Hip Hop superstar that she was in fact the woman who was assaulted by Petty and she had no plans to recant her story. Jennifer was also reportedly prompted by supporters of Minaj to speak to several lawyers as a way to convince her to change her mind.

In 2018, Nicki Minaj posted on Instagram that Kenneth Petty was “in a relationship” with the alleged victim at the time of the assault which was not true. She also wrongly told the “internet” that the victim was 16 and Petty was 15, but they were both actually 16 when the alleged crime took place in 1994.

Neither Minaj nor Petty has publicly commented about the possible criminal matter involving Jennifer’s claims of harassment or Petty’s pending failure to register as a sex offender case. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California declined to comment to The Daily Beast about a potential ongoing investigation. Jennifer retained legal counsel after moving several times out of fear of intimidation and retribution.

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