Nicki Minaj Responds To Joe Budden’s Comments About Her Relationship With Meek Mill


(AllHipHop News) When Joe Budden decided to comment on Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s relationship during the latest episode of his podcast, he probably did not expect it would become the number one trending topic on Twitter. That happened, thanks in part to Meek and Joe exchanging words on the social media site.

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Meek went back at Joe in a series of tweets which included him saying, “Y’all n*ggas too old for this,” “Stop it old hating noodle,” “It ain’t that boy’s level to be commenting on the way I handle my lady,” and “Ya name ‘Ramen’ put him in the bathroom.” He also retweeted some memes making fun of Budden.

Now Nicki has responded to Joe’s podcast too. The leader of the Barbz sent out her own tweet directed at the Slaughterhouse member.

Nicki Minaj Tweet

The entire situation started after Budden said, “Meek’s music is too hard for me to look at him with this f*cking sappy f*ck sh*t. Be the hardcore guy that I’m sure she was attracted to at some point. It’s nasty. I hate everything about it.”

In fairness, the former star of Love & Hip Hop did do exactly what Nicki suggested. Budden also added, “I do appreciate them both keeping the hope of love alive.”

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