Nicki Minaj Speaks On “Faceless” Rappers In Joe Budden Interview Preview

Nicki Minaj told Joe Budden that too many rappers jump on the most popular sounds making fans forget who they are.

Joe Budden and Nicki Minaj share a volatile history when it comes to their past interviews. The pair have a couple of viral moments from previous conversations that got a little out of hand. 

However, it looks as though their most recent conversation could be a more placid affair. The pair have put their differences aside to come together once again, and this time Nicki Minaj is making headlines for all the right reasons. 

Joe Budden previewed a snippet of the episode, teasing fans with a hint of what’s to come. Nicki spoke on rappers jumping on trends when a sound becomes popular. 

“You know, once anybody has success with anything, it seems like everybody just jumps on that sound,” Nicki Minaj explained in the clip. “Even if they may not have even liked it, it might be people behind them telling them to do it.” 

She continued, “Once you do that, and once you do it a couple times, who then are you? We’ve now forgotten who you are. I don’t think that people realize that. If you jump on every trend, you become faceless.” 

Joe agreed, responding with, “This is a deep point,” as Nicki Minaj said it’s something people should be aware of. Something many in the comment section also agreed with.

Fans are eager to see the entire interview now the clip has emerged. However, according to Budden, he’s waiting for Nicki Minaj to give the go-ahead. “I’m staying out of wealthy people’s business,” he said during a recent Instagram Live. “Whenever Nicki say it’s dropping, is when is dropping. Ain’t getting me screamed on.” 

Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden went viral in 20119 when she appeared on an episode of his podcast.

The pair then got into a screaming argument when Joe Budden appeared on an episode of Nicki’s Queen Radio.