Nicki Minaj & Tekashi 6ix9ine Link For “Trollz” To Support George Floyd

Nicki Minaj and Tekashi 6ix9ine have a brand new song together and their donating the proceeds to charity for George Floyd protestors.

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj is not afraid to work with Brooklyn’s own, Tekashi.

Looking past his antics, his court confessions and the image that he played into to become the King of New York, the Queen of the Barbs is linking with her little brother to raise money for those incarcerated due to the Black Lives Matters protest.

Snitching is not a thing.

Let that be known. The street code that used to get you banished from the cookout is possibly now the very thing that might get you a seat next to big mama’s potato salad and Uncle Charles pinochle game.

Well, Uncle Charles might let you pull up a chair, but he’s still gonna goose-eye you for being a part of this new generation of hood dudes. But there is no shame to it … so it seems.

Outside of Tekashi dropping a record and it being received with open arms, another way we know that snitching is not a thing is that Nicki Minaj, one of the “realest chicks” in the game, is doing a record with him.

Don’t give us the Scooby-Doo face! You heard us correctly. The Barbie and the Brooklyn Unicorn are linking again to put out new music.

According to Nicki’s Instagram, she and SnitchNine are rocking a new joint called “Trollz.”

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The song will have a complete roll-out that includes merchandise, music, and maybe a magical video.

Looking like Hip-Hop’s own Shrinky D####, the two appear all in white in front of a red and pink background. Her caption explains the marketing plan:

“A portion of the proceeds from #Trollz including merch items will be going directly to The Bail Project Inc. The fund provides free bail assistance to low-income individuals who can’t afford to pay bail while awaiting their trial. We want to protect and support the thousands of brave people working on the front lines of social justice, using their voices to demand AN END to the targeting and killing of Black Americans by the police. #BlackLivesMatter link in bio to Pre-save #TrollzVIDEO tmrw

@ midnight”

Well, how can you hate on that?

You can’t. The truth is her collaborating with her little brother, while it seems like so many in the world have turned their back on him, is evidence of her unshakable loyalty.

It also is a nod to the fact that she locked into wanting impact change and the best way to do that is to generate attention and money — and what the two of them have done and will do is generate attention and money.

“Trollz” will drop Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

Maybe his snitching ain’t the end of the world —

Someone forgetting how to make Big Mama’s potato salad might be — but not this.