Nicki Minaj & The Barbz Take On Cops Who Killed George Floyd

Nicki Minaj has called on The Barbz to demand justice for the four cops involved in the death of George Floyd.

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj finds it ridiculous that the four officers from the Minneapolis Police Department involved in the arrest that lead to the death of an unarmed Black man, George Floyd, are not locked up.

The “Barbie Tingz” emcee took to Instagram to break it down (and she is making a whole lot of sense).

In a caption, she wrote: “When 4 black THUGS commit a crime, if 1 person commits murder, they ALL get charged & CONVICTED. When white THUGS/COPS KILL innocent black people, ALL 4 of them are responsible‼️‼️‼️ They all watched an unarmed man die and did nothing‼️ Why do they have different rules????? Let your voice be heard. Be angry. White people have been using violence against us since the beginning of time. We didn’t invent violence & looting. Will these officers actually get convicted? Probably not. Let your voice be heard. Call & TEXT to be a part of these petitions. May Mr. Floyd Rest In Peace.”

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The caption went along with an image filled with names of people who were victims of police-involved murders and their last words.

It is remarkable how similar their words are:

George Floyd, Freddie Gray, and Eric Garner all said “I Can’t Breathe.”

Some either questioned why the police shot them, confronting them for why they are harassing them by following them or calling them out for betraying their trust

“I wasn’t reaching for it,” “You promised you wouldn’t kill me,” “They are tasing me,” “I didn’t even do nothing,” “I didn’t even do nothing, “ “I don’t have a gun. Stop shooting,” “What are you following me for?” “Why did you shoot me?” Officer, why do you have your guns out?”

But then there were just some that appealed to the basic level of humanity, that law enforcement agents should have. “I don’t wanna die young,” “Please don’t let me die,” “You shot me. You shot me.”

Minaj wants her fans to text “Floyd” to 55156 and Call Freeman at 612-348-5550 to demand all four police are arrested immediately.