Nipsey Hussle’s Brother Settles Corporate Beef With The Crips

Nipsey Hussle The Marathon

Nip’s brother Blacc Sam has worked things out with Nipsey’s old gang, after a brief dispute over the slain rapper’s famous slogan. 

Did you know that the notorious Crip gang has a corporate arm? 

Yeah … bet ya didn’t. 

Did you know that said organization filed for the trademark for “The Marathon Continues” months after Nipsey Hussle died and recently was in court with the deceased artist’s estate?

According to TMZ, Nipsey’s estate filed a lawsuit against Crips LLC in October over the rights to use the slogan.

The “Last Time That I Checced“ rapper’s brother, Samiel “Black Sam” Asghedom, let the Los Angeles courts know that Nip’s estate is settling up with the organization — and essentially the conflict is over. 

Asghedom and his brother Nipsey Hussle created the Marathon franchise (store, merch, music, etc.) well before his death. Many were confused as to why the gang (or those that represent them corporately) would try and monetize off the artist after his demise.

Recently, Hip-Hop journalist Rob Kenner published his book, “The Marathon Don’t Stop: The Life and Times of Nipsey Hussle,” which detailed his life. 

Therein, fans get a chance to see how the Los Angeles rapper became connected to the Rollin’ 60’s, one of the largest urban street gangs in the United States.

There are no public details on the settlement — Black Sam just made sure everything was good.

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