Nipsey Hussle’s Clothing Store The Marathon Vandalized

Nipsey Hussle The Marathon

Nipsey’s legendary store was targeted by thieves who vandalized and looted the store.

Despite being a memorial for one of the most celebrated West Coast rappers of this generation, The Marathon was up until recently a hub for economic vitalization for The Crenshaw and Slauson community.

That was always Nipsey Hussle’s idea. He wanted a location that could be for us and by us, employing people from the community and feeding the sociological beast created by gentrification, racism, and poverty.

And yet, this place that was created to be a haven is now a revered tourist spot for those who loved the message behind the deceased Crip turned Mogul’s music.

Now, the store has been vandalized, according to a video posted on social media by DJ Akademik.

The footage shows broken windows and spray paint all across all the stores in the entire strip mall, including The Marathon.

“Whoever did this s###,” someone says as they film the destruction. “If a Crip n***a ever find out who did this, it’s ugly for them cuz.”

While the damage is extensive, it is unclear who are the culprits. Authorities are looking at security footage and hope to find who is responsible for the vandalism.

The Marathon is also the place where the rapper was murdered. In 2019, the “Last Time That I Check” rapper was allegedly shot by Eric Holder in broad daylight.

This case is still open, even as Holder has been indicted by the local authorities for Nip’s death.