Nipsey Hussle’s Daughter’s Mother Says She Wishes He Was Still Here, Day Before Guardianship Trial

Nipsey Hussle

The ex said she would have taken the bullet for his former lover.

The late rapper Nipsey Hussle’s ex and first child’s mother, Tanisha Foster,  is preparing to go to court with his family over a guardianship agreement for the care of their daughter. Reports are saying the “Marathon” rapper’s former sweetheart is struggling with his death— years after his premature demise.

According to, on Monday, Mar. 13, she took to Instagram to share a message about her love for him, saying she “would have took those bullets” for him, referring to the fatal shooting that took Nip’s life.

Foster said, “I miss my child’s father. I wish he was here to see my accomplishments.”

 “It’s almost 4 years of him being gone so just think how I feel,” she continued. “I met him in my teens, and he been my roll dog ever since. I spoke with him 30 mins [sic] b4 [sic] his death. I was one of the last persons he spoke with. I wish I was there I would have took those bullets.”

The reflection comes right before the fight.

The family is currently fighting over custody rights regarding Emani, the rapper’s 14-year-old, and will square off in court in April. reports, Hussle’s family is clear, because of her inheritance, it is best for Emani to primarily be with the family.

As reported by, Nipsey Hussle was shot by Eric Holder, who has recently been convicted of the star’s March 31, 2019, death.