NLE Choppa Opens New Basketball Court For Memphis Youth

NLE Choppa

Rapper paired up with basketball legend to set up hoops for the community.

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa has built a state-of-the-art basketball court for the Raleigh Community Center.

The chart-topper with a reputation for having a heart of gold, funded the space with the support of other stakeholders and presented it to the youth with all kinds of fanfare, including a marching band.

He took to his Instagram to share how great the day was.

“Big Thanks To @nancylieberman & The City Of Memphis ! My First Basketball Court For City And This Won’t Be My Last 💪🏽,” he wrote in a caption, giving the address of their first court. “3678 Powers RD, Raleigh TN 💜”

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“I feel like this is what it is all about. We get into positions to give back, to be able to be an inspiration, to be motivation to the youth,” NLE Choppa said at the groundbreaking, FOX 13 Memphis reports.

NLE Choppa was inspired to build the court after meeting basketball legend and WNBA coach Nancy Lieberman, who partnered with her charity organization to bring this dream to life.

Lieberman said she was pulled toward the artist because of his kindness, which prompted her to work with him.

“It’s a beautiful thing. I feel like it’s gonna be something major for the city,” the rapper said.
This is not the first one. We are going to have many more coming.”

The plan is to set up more courts around the city for young people to play ball on.