NLE Choppa Releases ‘From Dark To Light’ Album On His 18th Birthday

The Tennesse rapper spells out his spiritual journey.

Anyone that has been following NLE Choppa on social media in recent months knows the rhymer has begun using his platform to talk about meditation, vegan cooking, and healthy lifestyle choices. He channeled that newfound contemplative side into a 13-track project.

After dropping Top Shotta in August, Choppa’s From Dark to Light album arrived on November 1 via No Love Entertainment/Warner Records. That date is also his birthday. The Memphis, Tennessee representative turned 18 this year.

“11:11 is an important angel number where you make a manifestation/affirmation come true,” explains NLE Choppa. “Every time I catch 11:11, I make an affirmation regarding my album. My birthday is 11/1. These are all angel numbers.”

The 2020 XXL Freshman continued, “The one in numerology represents new beginnings. So when I drop, new beginnings will form. It’s like walking through doors bigger than I can imagine.”

Additionally, Choppa published the official “Bryson” music video on Sunday. As of press time, the BenMarc-directed production is trending at #3 on YouTube. It already passed the 1-million view mark on the website.