NLE Choppa Responds To Ex-Girlfriend Breaking Down Over Breakup

The ‘Me vs. Me’ creator uploads a 37-minute reaction video.

Bryson Lashun Potts (aka NLE Choppa) is no longer in a romantic relationship. The “S### Me Out” performer recently announced to the world that he does not have a significant other at the moment.

“I am single, I’m man enough to admit I’m not ready, and I have some growing to do 💯,” tweeted NLE Choppa on September 12. That Twitter post collected over 1,900 retweets and 19,000 likes.

Apparently, NLE Choppa’s ex-girlfriend had a tough time dealing with the breakup. Marissa DaNae took to social media to address her split with Choppa. The video went viral as blogs, such as Hollywood Unlocked, reposted DaNae’s emotional reaction.

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NLE Choppa also felt the need to provide more details about parting ways with his former partner. The Memphis-bred rapper offered some thoughts that seemed to be directed towards the situation with Marissa DaNae.

“Some people don’t know how to grieve, that’s something I have to understand. If they do it publicly, privately, or whatever at least they letting [their] hurt out. That’s the detox. Understand that some people love hard, So certain things hit them HARDER!” Choppa tweeted.

In addition, NLE Choppa uploaded a video titled “clearing the air…” to his Awakened Choppa YouTube channel. The Me vs. Me mixtape creator opened the video by calling Marissa DaNae a “lovely woman” and “the sweetest, kindest person.”

Throughout the 37-minute video, NLE Choppa made it clear his intent was not to “diss” DaNae. The Warner recording artist went on to explain how they first met and what eventually led to the end of the relationship. Choppa also reiterated his belief that he is not ready to be tied down.