No Malice Writes Letter “Why I’m Rallying at the White House”


Just two weeks ago we celebrated America’s 241st birthday. For many people in the country, it’s a day of pride.

For communities of color, July Fourth reminds us that America still has an incredible amount of work to do.

For all the steps our country has taken forward on civil rights, our communities fight everyday to keep from going backwards. History tends to repeat itself and right now we are in a straight up fight to hold onto any progress we have made.

Today our most basic American right is under attack: Voting.

We have come too far as a country to let any party – Republican or Democrat – get in the way of voting. This isn’t about partisanship. Voting is a fundamental right for our democracy.

And our voting rights are under attack.

The current President just established a new group to review his blatantly false claim that 3-5 million people illegally voted in the 2016 election. This group is comprised of people with long track records of voter suppression in their own states.

They have used their positions of power to target and intimidate voters, including young people, seniors, ex-felons, and people of color.

Now they are aiming to use taxpayer money to invade our privacy, reduce civic participation, and create more barriers to the ballot box.

And so far they’ve been sloppy with it.

On the morning of Wednesday, July 19th, Trump’s new team is meeting at the White House for the first time and I’m determined to make sure they know we’re watching and listening.

That’s why I’m taking part in the #RespectMyVote Rally right outside the White House that morning with a strong coalition of advocacy groups and young people. We are going to protest this attack on democracy and our given right as Americans.

We are going to tell Trump and his commission to #RespectMyVote.

And while we are saying #RespectMyVote in front of the Trump White House, I want to make it clear that we all need to do our part and vote. By not voting, you are doing yourself a double disservice; first by forfeiting your voice without reason, and second by not representing those who legitimately cannot get to the polls, but could still benefit from common points of views.

Everyone has the right to make their voice heard. Right now there are forces attacking that right. That’s why I’m going to be out in front of the White House saying #RespectMyVote.

For more info, check out the American Civil Liberties’ action page about the commission. Also, be sure register to vote at