It’s Not Nicki Minaj Fault Her Clothing Line Was Dropped Since Kmart Is Dead


(AllHipHop News) Recently, Kmart revealed they would no longer be selling Nicki Minaj’s clothing line.

Everyone was quick to comment and were wondering what led to this; especially since this was released in the middle of her rap feud with fellow female rapper, Remy Ma.

However, the reason why her clothing line is being dropped is because Kmart will be closing its doors soon.

The company that owns Sears and Kmart have just reported to their shareholders that they see “substantial doubt” that the store has a future.

Sears used to be the most iconic retailer and had the Sears Tower in Chicago which was the world’s tallest building.

The brands started having difficulty competing with other huge retailers such as Walmart.

When Sears merged with the Kmart brand in 2005, it only made their problems worse.

The company has not been able to make any profit since 2010 with a total loss of $10.4 billion.