NYPD Clears Maino In Irving Plaza Shooting


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Maino has been cleared in any wrongdoing by the NYPD, in regards to a shooting backstage at a T.I. concert on May 25 in New York.

Four people, including Troy Ave, were shot – one fatally – after a fist fight in a green room turned deadly at concert venue Irving Plaza in Manhattan.

Ronald “Banga” McPhatter died from his injuries, while three other people, including Troy Ave, are recovering from serious injuries sustained in the fracas.

The New York Daily News and the NYPD initially attributed the backstage shooting to a beef between Troy Ave and Maino, allegations Maino promptly denied the day after the shooting.

“We do not believe that he (Maino) was involved in the dispute,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said.

Meanwhile, police have recovered the gun that was used in the shooting from a 2003 passenger van that was used to transport Troy Ave to the hospital. Detectives found a 9-mm Kel Tec among a stash of guns, found inside a secret compartment.

Police said the 9-mm Kel Tec they believe to be the murder weapon and they are exploring the possibility that more than one person fired the same gun.

“We still believe at this point there was one gun used,” Detective Boyce said.

So far, Troy Ave is the only person to be charged with a crime in regards to the shooting/murder.

Currently, Troy Ave is charged with attempted murder, but those could be upgraded to murder pending the investigation.

Troy Ave has pleaded not guilty and has hired criminal defense attorney Scott Leemon, who has defended high profile clients like Young Jeezy, 50 Cent and others.

Scott Leemon said a lack of cooperation from the witnesses was hampering both prosecutors and the defense, despite the amount of video that has already hit the Internet.