Video Of 16-Year-Old Teen Getting Hit By NYPD Officers Surfaces


DNAinfo New York has obtained a video of yet another case of police brutality involving NYPD. In the surveillance footage from Aug. 29th, an unarmed 16-year-old teen named Kahreem Tribble is obviously slowing down from running from the cops in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. He is then approached by officer Tyrane Issac who takes a swing at him. Tribble raises his hands and is hit with a gun by another officer, identified as David Afandor. A third officer, Christopher Mastoros, approaches the situation and fails to do anything to stop the situation.

Tribble was taken into custody for possessing 17 bags of marijuana and disorderly conduct. He suffered bruises and cracked teeth and received medical attention at Interfaith Hospital.

The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau and Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Johnson have launched a criminal investigation against the officers, who are from the 79th Precinct.

Afandor has been suspended without pay while Issac has been stripped of his gun and badge and placed on modified duty. Mastoros is not facing criminal charges; however, he could face a departmental charge for not stopping his colleagues from being so brutal.

“My client was minding his own business and they decided to chase him for no reason,” said Tribble’s lawyer Amy Rameau.  “Their account is concocted to justify what they did, to cover their a####, to legitimize their criminal conduct.”

Rameau said she has plans to file a civil rights lawsuit against the NYPD and the officers. Watch the footage below.