NYPD Looking For Crazed Rapper Trying To Grab Cops’ Guns


The NYPD puts cops on alert after an aspiring rapper repeatedly taunted officers and tried to grab their guns in several TikTok videos.

An aspiring rapper/comedian’s antics on TikTok caught the attention of the NYPD.

Richard Sharp posted several videos of himself mocking cops and trying to grab their guns in New York. The NYPD responded by sending out an intelligence alert about the 24-year-old provocateur.

“The above depicted individual is an aspiring comedian/drill rapper that is antagonizing UMOS [uniformed members of service] by attempting to touch their firearms, threatening UMOS and provoking UMOS into physical altercations,” the bulletin read. “The subject has 12 priors arrests (CPW Firearm x3) and has a history of assault on Law Enforcement.”

It continued, “Sharp is a self-proclaimed Black Disciple gang member. ALL MOS SHOULD UTILIZE PROPER TACTICS AND CAUTION WHEN INTERACTING WITH THE ABOVE SUBJECT.”

Sharp, who calls himself Famous Richard, continued taunting the NYPD after seeing a copy of the intelligence alert.

“Y’all not finna catch me,” he said in a TikTok video. “I don’t know why y’all posting this. Y’all not catching me! I’m just gonna pull a Tay-K on y’all. Y’all not catching me, shorty. On King David, I’ma be in Mexico somewhere.”

Sharp appeared unfazed by the NYPD’s search in subsequent videos. He shared another one of his TikTok skits on Monday (April 3).

View a few of the videos that put Sharp on the NYPD’s radar below.