Officer Darren Wilson Gives First Televised Interview (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Officer Darren Wilson finally spoke publicly about the shooting of Ferguson, Missouri teenager Michael Brown. Wilson gave an interview to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos providing his version of what happened on August 9 when Brown was killed.

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Wilson stated that he was “in fear of his life” during the exchange in the street with Brown. In the clip that was broadcast yesterday (November 26) Wilson was able to explain his reasoning for shooting Brown, but Stephanopoulos did not challenge the officer on many of the discrepancies Brown supporters have pointed out in Wilson’s story.

Stephanopoulos did not ask why the photos of Wilson’s face taken after the shooting were not consistent with Wilson’s claim that Brown repeatedly punched him in the face. Stephanopoulos also did not question why the Ferguson police department chose not to file an incident report on Brown’s killing.

There were also no questions about the supposed audio recording of the shooting which presented that there was a rapid fire of shots and not several breaks in the gunfire like Wilson claimed.

Wilson did add that he was sorry that Brown’s parents lost a son, but he would not have done anything different that day.

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Watch Darren Wilson’s interview below.

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