Officer Who Killed Big Floyd AKA George Floyd Charged With 3rd Degree Murder

The officer who killed DJ Screw associate, Big Floyd aka George Floyd, is arrested for third-degree murder.

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(AllHipHop News) Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer responsible for the death of Texas rapper Big Floyd, has been arrested by his same fraternal order that licensed him to terrorize Black people.

Rapper Big Floyd, most popularly known by his given name George Floyd, was murdered on Memorial Day after Chauvin presumably smashed his throat area while kneeling unmercifully on his neck.

Four officers were called to the scene because someone said that Big Floyd was trying to make a purchase with a fake bill (it is disputed whether or not it was a $10 or a $20).

Multiple videos have been circulated, but the video shot by and posted to Facebook by a 17-year-old girl gave the perfect angle to see Chauvin’s callous and deadly choke-maneuver.

It is in fact this video that clearly shows the officer’s disregard for the late DJ Screw associate’s life— prompting days of civil unrest in the streets of The Twin Cities— and for the chief to call for his swift arrest.

The arrest was the fastest, from incident to detainment, ever for the city of Minneapolis for an officer. But what exactly does it mean for him to have received a murder in the third-degree charge?

First-degree murder involves calculation and second-degree murder doesn’t involve that sort of calculation.

The definition of third-degree murder might change depending on what state are you in. It is sometimes called voluntary manslaughter. It all means that this charge can “occur when a person kills another person in a heat of passion following a provocation; when a person who is involved in a fight with another person kills that person without intending to do so; or when a person kills another person while believing that it’s necessary to do so in self-defense, but when that belief was actually unreasonable.”

While the department is struggling to see where Chauvin’s heinous crime fits, they are open to expanding his charges and adding the other three officers that were present.