OG Maco Blasts Rapper Logic Over “AfricAryan” Album Title


(AllHipHop News) It looks like Logic’s new album title is not just causing waves amongst his fans, it has struck a sour note with Atlanta rapper OG Maco.

Logic raised some eyebrows when he revealed the title of his new album is going to be titled “AfricAryan,” which will focus on his upbrining and life as a light-skinned, black and white biracial man in society. “The first man and woman [are] from Africa, and how over time, culturally evolving into a lighter and lighter and much more fairer skin,” Logic explained to podcaster Dan Harmon. “So the album is going to be called AfricAryaN. Real s**t it’s about me being black and white and seeing life from two sides.

[It’s] about that cultural evolution and how you can go from the darkest of skin to the lightest of skin. Or the A#### brotherhood if you will, who believe that they’re ‘pure of blood.’ When at the end of f**king the day we all have that in our blood and we all have so many different ethnicities in our blood, no matter how pure that we think we are.”

The rapper stressed that his album would be about equality for all, yet the word “A####” in the title is causing some tension among Logic fans.

OG Maco, who also known as “BLVKPHILLCOLLINS” on Twitter, took a direct shot at Logic over the title.

“Like the A#### Nation? Fam I know you don’t like being black but f##k. S##t,” OG Maco tweeted. “The word ‘A####’ is used almost exclusively as a rally cry for the ‘pure blood’ superior white race theory. I think it’s a ?title.”