Omar Epps Recalls Embarrassing Prank Tupac Played On Him

Omar Epps Tupac

Marlon Wayans revealed practical jokester Tupac once took a very embarrassing photo of Omar Epps while he was fast asleep.

Marlon Wayans took over as guest presenter of The Daily Show this week, playing host to several guests, including his good friend, Omar Epps. 

The two share a long history and many moments together over the years, including some they’d rather forget. However, Wayans decided to make one story public that Epps would rather have remained a secret forever.  

“Oh my goodness. Are you really bringing this up?” Omar Epps asked after Marlon Wayans began to recount a story involving Tupac.  

However, despite the protests, Wayans continued. He told the audience about a time when Epps fell asleep around Tupac, during the time they filmed the 1992 hit movie Juice together.  

“What people don’t know about ‘Pac is, he was a funny dude,” Wayans stated as Epps nodded in agreement. “Omar sleeping like that,” Wayans continued, demonstrating the actor was asleep with his mouth wide open. “And ‘Pac went and took his balls and put ‘em out and put ‘em right near Omar’s mouth.” 

“Why did you just do that?” Omar Epps asked before adding, “I was mad at ‘Pac for that though. I was super mad, like, ‘Yo, son. You really gone’ do that?’” 

Wayans was quick to interject with, “but you always get mad, you got to work on that. You got anger issues, man.”  

Nonetheless, Omar Epps stood his ground, telling Marlon Wayans he was right to be mad at Tupac.  

“If somebody take their nuts out next to your mouth while you sleep. That would have went viral right now, this is when we used to take polaroids.”  

Check out the clip below and watch the episode here.