Omari Hardwick Went to Jail To Make His Role In “Power” More Real


(AllHipHop News) Actor Omari Hardwick spent a few days in jail to prepare for the new season of his hit show “Power.”

The star’s character James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick finds himself behind bars in the fourth season of the show and Omari decided to get a real taste for jail life by locking himself up for three days.

“I never have necessarily done the full on method thing before, but I kind of went full method this year,” he said on Live! with Kelly and Ryan. “Hung out in jail, a lot of hours.

“The network… didn’t necessarily know… I was there, like, two or three nights. I had a producer and a warden who were taking care of me, so it was all good.”

He might have had an easier time of it than some of the other ‘inmates’, but the spell behind bars really left him with a sense of what prison’s like.

“It wasn’t necessarily all good in terms of hearing the sounds,” he added. “You know, you actually have prisoners there, so it’s a little blasphemous to sort of forego your respect of what they’ve gone through that you haven’t necessarily gone through.”

Omari also explained the raw experience helped him to feel more creative

“I would hear (the prisoners) screaming at night and I was writing, I was doing an album around that time, so this season I feel I was most open as an artist that I’ve ever been in my 14 years as an actor,” he added.